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A Little About Me

Writer, Editor, Lover of Stories


Hi! I'm Maggie.

I've had a passion for books since I was in kindergarten and would skip nap time in order to read the latest addition to our in-class library, and I gained my passion for story-telling when a year later, my grandmother had me tell her a story that she wrote down and then I illustrated--my first "book".

I was the kid in school who was always hiding an open book under the desk while my teachers were at the front of the class and who scribbled countless stories and poems in the margins of all my assignments. 

I carried this passion with me into college, where I earned a specialized degree in English with a minor in Creative Writing from Oglethorpe University.

After spending those four years both creating and editing creative content, I knew I wanted to turn my passion into a career. A year after I graduated, I founded Fine Line Editorial and began freelance editing with the hope to help fellow story-lovers and authors prepare their work for publication.

I currently live in a small Georgia town with my mom, my sister, and our dog--Jersey. On an average day, you can find me at the local coffee shop, an iced vanilla latte in hand (large, of course), with the latest book I grabbed off my never ending TBR or enjoying the privilege of working with fellow authors on their manuscripts!

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What's Important To Me

I strive to provide each and every client with the following:


At Fine Line Editorial, you never have to worry about who you're dealing with. I personally work on every manuscript sent to me and never outsource to other editors. I am upfront from get go about timeline and cost. There will be no pushed off deadlines or hidden fees, ever.


Giving your story to someone else for safe-keeping can be anxiety inducing and never hearing from them while you wait for the feedback?--Unbearable. I provide weekly updates to my clients so that you always know where I'm at in the process and aren't left in the dark!


My goal is not to attack your writing or change your story. While an editor should always be honest, that does not mean that I will be negative. I firmly believe in constructive criticism, but will always offer my suggestions and corrections in a kind way. And I will also highlight areas that show exceptional craftsmanship!


Deadlines are so incredibly important in the publishing world and I know how frustrating it can be for something to not be delivered on time. Before any payment is made, I will work out a timeline with you that is specific to you and your situation and that works for both of us. I pride myself on time-management and communicating about this upfront helps to prevent any missed due dates or deadlines.


I will perform multiple read-throughs throughout the editing process and leave in-depth comments explaining my reasoning for suggesting a change, asking questions if something is unclear, and giving examples for how a change could be instituted. I don't simply run your manuscript through spell check. Editing requires a great attention to detail and I strive to provide my clients with the best quality possible.


The editing and publishing process can be both time consuming and costly, whether you decide to go the indie route or are just looking to polish things up before reaching out to agents. My rates are well below the industry standard, because I truly care about providing authors with affordable services while also maintaining the professional quality they deserve. I also offer flexible payment plans tailor-made for your budget.

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What You Can Expect

I wholeheartedly believe every word counts, every line matters, and every story deserves to be heard and it is my mission to help authors tell their stories.

As your editor, my goal is never to change your story or alter your voice, but rather to give you honest, applicable advice that you can then take into account going forward with your manuscript. I'm a writer as well, and I know how scary it can be to show someone else your work, but rest assured it will be in good hands with me. My purpose is to give fresh insights to and suggestions for your story, while always maintaining and prioritizing your vision and voice.

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Are you ready to see what your story can become?

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Any questions? Check out my FAQ or reach to me directly.

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